The Only Blow Out
Flameless Candle!


The Only Blow Out
Flameless Candle!


The Only Blow Out
Flameless Candle!

The World’s First and Only

Wishful Wicks Blowout Candle

Candles are the hallmark of any celebration. No matter what the occasion is, they add an element of fun and excitement. Unfortunately, however, live flames aren’t always safe or permitted. That’s where Wishful Wicks comes in.

Our revolutionary blowout candle can give you an enjoyable candle experience just about anywhere. It’s the world’s first multi-colored LED candle that blows on and off. Not only is it flameless, smokeless, dripless, and odorless, it can be reused for years to come.
How Wishful Wicks Work

Flameless, Smokeless, Dripless, Odorless, & Reusable for Years

Whether you’re hosting your child’s birthday bash, a special event at a school or daycare facility, or a party at a nursing home, a Wishful Wicks candle is a must-have. It’s also ideal for restaurants, bakeries, and cruise ships. 

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Using a Wishful Wicks Candle is a Breeze.

All You Have to do is Follow This Simple, Three-Step Process.


Put your candle into the provided cake holder.


Place it on your cake, cupcake, brownie, pie, or other dessert.


Blow on the candle and watch the light magically turn off.

Want to Sell Wishful Wicks in Your Store?

Why Wholesale Wishful Wicks?

We offer fast shipping and a beautiful display to present Wishful Wicks to your customers. Provide your customers with a safe alternative to traditional candles that last for years to come.

What businesses purchase Wishful Wicks?

– Bakeries
– Restaurants
– Grocery stores
– Party supply stores
– Hospitals 

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