It All Began on a Romantic Couples Trip

The year was 2009. Long time best friends Marnette Wilcox and Chrissy Olsen were on a romantic couples trip in Northern Italy. While indulging in pasta, fine wine, and breathtaking views, the duo was inspired to begin a joint venture. A joint venture that would allow them to follow their passions and do something they love.

Il Bere Came to Life

After plenty of thought, Marnette and Crissy decided to launch II Bere. II Bere, which means “To Drink” in Italian gave them the opportunity to celebrate their Italian heritage while making unique products for themselves and their girlfriends.

Initially, II Bere was their hobby. In time, however, it quickly progressed into a fulfilling business that continues to thrive over a decade later. Today, II Bere is a female owned operation with a mission to produce and promote products that allow people from all walks of life to celebrate the special times.

A Friend’s Birthday Party Sparked the Idea for Wishful Wicks

Marnette and Crissy were living it up at a birthday party when they realized that their friend, who was blowing out her birthday candles, blew wax all over the cake and caught the ends of her hair on fire. It was that moment that the idea for Wishful Wicks was born. 

They both thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a safe, LED candle that could be blown out like a real candle and eliminate this type of fiasco?” They realized that an LED candle would also benefit children, schools, daycares, restaurants, and other people and places that would be better off with a flameless alternative to a traditional candle.

After 5 Years, Wishful Wicks Became an Official Reality

The creation of Wishful Wicks involved a great deal of patience, persistence, and support from their husbands, Brain and Scott. After five years, countless designers, and endless versions, the world’s first LED candle with a blow-on and blow-out flame made its debut.

Marnette and Crissy couldn’t be more thrilled about Wishful Wicks and love sharing this flameless, smokeless, dripless, reusable, and most importantly, safe candle with the world. They encourage you to try Wishful Wicks firsthand and have no doubts that you’ll be impressed.